Conditions Treated

Musculo-Skeletal and Neurological: Pain, including but not limited to low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain etc. stiff/ frozen shoulder sciatica, injury, sprains, arthritis, tendonitis carpaltunnel syndrome, tennis-elbow post-stroke paralysis, Bell’s Palsy Headache and migraine, vertigo, dizziness Trigeminal neuralgia, Shingles pain.

Mental-Emotional: Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Nervousness, Stress.

Internal: Acid reflux, Asthma, Colitis, Compromised Immune System, Constipation, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Gas and Bloating, Hepatitis, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Indigestion, Irritable bowel syndrome, Ulcers, Gastritis, side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Eyes-Ears-Nose-Throat: Allergy, Common cold, Conjunctivitis, Flu, Gingivitis, Sinusitis, Tinnitus, Toothaches.

Addiction: Alcohol dependence, Tobacco dependence, Dependence on other substances.

Women’s health: Infertility, Irregular periods, Menopausal syndrome, Menstrual cramps, Morning sickness, Pregnancy support, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Men’s health: Impotence, Infertility.

Dermatological: Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Herpes, Shingels and more. 


Pediatrics: Bring your babies, children and teenagers along!  We normally use no or few needles for small children and prefer to work with little stick-on-pellets and fun Japanese pediatric tools.

and much more!