How can Acupuncture benefit me? : Receiving acupuncture can help you relax very deeply and calm a restless, scattered mind, leaving you refreshed, clear and focused . 
Acupuncture is a process, not a procedure. Regular acupuncture can provide you with energy, strength and vitality and work to boost your immune system. It can prevent disease and help you regain and maintain health over time.


What if I take medication or am doing other treatments alongside?

Acupuncture may be administered alongside any clinical treatments and medication without causing side-effects.For example, if you are on anti-depressants or on pain medication, it can help eliminate the need to take those over time. If you undergo chemo or radiation, we will help you with your side-effects.

Does acupuncture hurt? No, acupuncture doesn’t hurt. The needles we use are so thin, we like to compare them to cat hair. You might feel a minor prick  (like a mosquito bite) during the moment of insertion, but most patients don’t feel anything at all. After the needles are in, varying sensations of warmth, tingling, or a radiating dull heaviness are common, as well as a pleasant feeling of relaxation and elevated in spirit.


Is Acupuncture safe? Yes. We use sterile single-use needles of the best quality and will swab your skin prior to needle insertion to make sure the skin is clean.


How does Acupuncture work? Studies have shown that acupuncture can alter brain chemistry by changing the release of body-own chemicals (neurotransmitters and neuro-hormones) in the brain and spinal cord. Acupuncture also has been documented to affect and “light up “ the parts of the central nervous system related to pain sensation and involuntary body functions, such as immune reactions and regulation of blood pressure, blood flow, and body temperature.
These biochemical changes can effectively stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being.