Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is a comprehensive medical system and can have a beneficial effect on almost any disorder. It has existed for thousands of years and has, since ancient times, constantly been developed and refined. Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine are two parts of Chinese Medicine that we offer in our clinic.



Acupuncture can increase blood-circulation, reduce stress by enhancing the part of the nervous-system that is responsible for "rest and digest", can relieve pain and reduce inflammation and relax tight muscles.

Chinese medicine believes that a life-force, called "Qi" circulates throughout the body in pathways called “meridians”. These meridians cover all areas of the body and form an energetic grit. Acupuncture points are located on these meridians and each point has a special function and physiological effect when needled. In western language we would describe qi as good blood circulation, thus ample supply of all tissue and organs with oxygen and nutrients as well as a well balanced nervous-system.


By placing needles into certain points, the flow of energy, the circulation and nerve balance can be reestablished and pain and disease can be prevented or relieved
Because meridians run from the head or trunk to the extremities, it is possible to treat problems in one part of the body by inserting needles at distant points. For example, we treat back pain by placing needles into hands and feet since the meridians that run along the back end in the hands and feet.

Cupping and Guasha

These treatments are all about enhancing proper blood circulation and we love them, because they are incredibly powerful and while being simple.

If blood flows too sluggishly or is even stagnant you will experience pain and organs will suffer a restricted blood flow. Toxin build-up in under-circulated areas of the body are inevitable. This is where Cupping or Guasha comes in. Either with suction cups or with a small animal bone tool, the stagnated blood will be lifted out of the vessels into the skin layer, where it now can be cleaned up by our lymph system and Macrophages. These processes feel like a deep massage and often have an immediate effect of your pain level and well-being. 

With all the benefits of increased health, good blood flow and supply, even the building of new blood, Guasha and Cupping may temporarily leave your skin discolored. Color can vary from brownish to red and purple. All those discoloration will disappear 100% after a few days. 

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs and herbal formulas, which consist of a harmonious compositions of single herbs, are as much part of traditional Chinese medicine as Acupuncture, Asian Massage and healing gymnastics (Qi Gong) are. In fact, herbs are often indispensable in order to treat some serious medical conditions. Herbs and Formulas can deeply strengthen and harmonize your body and greatly enhance your acupuncture treatment.
Over thousands of years the indications and mode of action of Chinese herbs have been carefully documented, leaving us today with a pharmacopeia of more than 5,000 medicinal plants.


Other Services we offer:


Blood Work Analysis

We offer blood work from a functional stand point, meaning that we read the lab results from numbers that represent healthy and functional levels not necessarily from the lab numbers (which may vary from lab to lab) so that we can pick up on imbalances before they turn into something deeper. ($1 per minute)


Nutritional Consult

After looking at your geeral health and your food intake we will sit down with you and discuss where the nutritional imbalances are and come up with a workable diet plan for you. ($1 per minute)


Whole Food Supplements

We work with and offer "standard process" whole food supplements. These are high quality products at a great price. (Prices vary depending on product.)